Rita Volk

I'm so gay for Rita Volk, it's not even funny.

If there's ever anything you need to talk about, I'm right here to listen.

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  • Make a master list with your favorite movies, music, bands, books and maybe top 5 lesbian kiss scene

    Asked by Anonymous

    Oooooh that was really smart actually

    Thank youuu!

    Soon at 1500

    Ok so I’m 5 followers away from my goal, and I still don’t know what “special” thing I’m gonna do.. Pleeeaase, does anybody have ANY suggestions?


    "I think we can all relate to having unreciprocated feelings for somebody else. I think that it’s definitely going to be a journey for her and just like in real life, you fall in love with someone or you develop really strong feelings for someone and it takes you a really, really long time to get over them."